Take control of your SharePoint Environment

SharePoint Remote provides cost-effective support packages to simplify the administration and support of your SharePoint environment.

Our help desk is manned by experienced SharePoint Administrators from 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, to resolve immediate issues, provide maintenance and answer queries on the operation of your SharePoint environment. And rather conveniently, our services can scale up or down to suit your needs.

A few of the services we provide:

  • The creation/management of requests for users within the system
  • The assignment of security to users and roles
  • The creation and management of document libraries within the target SharePoint environment
  • The creation and management of lists within the target SharePoint environment
  • Minor changes to theming (this does not include style sheet changes)
  • Management of the security groups and users within the environment
  • Managing of templates and content types within the SharePoint environment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fast, reactive and proactive support for your SharePoint system, across mission critical applications and platforms.  With effective administration, we aim to help you target new strategic uses for technology and help to drive user adoption within your organisation.  

Commitment to Quality

All through the process of delivering services to our clients, our focus is to produce quality outcomes in a short time frame.  To explain, the SharePoint Remote Quality Circle underpins our support services in three key areas:

People - Everything starts with you.  From the moment you log your SharePoint Remote call, we're all about ensuring you get the outcome you need.

Technology - 'Many Moving Parts' is one way to describe SharePoint technology, and as SharePoint Administration Specialists, we'll stay up-to-date with maintaining the moving parts in your system, so you don't have to.

Strategy - Knowing which piece to put where is a fundamental skill that each of our Administrators understand when managing your SharePoint environment. Given our years of experience in SharePoint, you'll also gain access to thought leadership around strategic direction and industry best-practice.

         The SharePoint Remote Quality Circle

         The SharePoint Remote Quality Circle

Service Delivery

Stage 1: Logging - Your submitted support ticket to our service desk is received, acknowledged and validated.

Stage 2: Analysis - We'll review the request and look at the options available.

Stage 3: Positioning - Where further information is required, we'll get in touch to advise our preferred course of action, and ensure that there's minimal impact on your organisation.

Stage 4: Action - When everything's ready, one of our Administrators will perform the actions to implement or rectify the requirements of your support ticket.

Stage 5: Reporting - Once resolved, we'll provide a closure response and the support ticket will be included in your monthly scheduled report.

Our five stage delivery process has been refined over many years of working with SharePoint and garnering the experience of some of Australia's leading Information Management experts.

We guarantee a response to all submitted tickets within the next business day (though response is typically within two hours). Where the request is complex, we'll work with you to ensure you'll get the outcome you need.

If your support ticket requires additional expert consulting advice, we'll refer you to one of our Consulting Partners to action the outcome, while still keeping SharePoint Remote in the loop.